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Photo of Tom Hess

When we (at the Tom Hess Music Corporation) first came into contact with Jonathan it was self evident we were dealing with a serious musician and person.

Jonathan is not only a killer guitarist but he has already begun establishing himself as an up and coming professional. He has a good deal of touring and studio experience. The music career platform he has built for himself is springing him forward to even greater heights now that he has entered into my mentoring program We expect only further greatness from Jonathan as he continues to dominate!

  Tom Hess (
Photo of Tom Quayle

I have known Jonathan for a few years now and all I can say is, I wish he’d been around when I was learning to play guitar.

He's a very knowledgeable, patient, creative and talented player who is always dedicated to his student’s development and progress. I’d have killed for a teacher like Jonathan years back! I’m confident that he can take your playing to the next level.

  Tom Quayle (
Photo of Trevor Darmody

From running a large music school in Ireland for many years now, I have come to know what to look for in a teacher. Having worked along side Jonathan in various music related projects I have seen first hand that he has the qualities needed to be a good teacher.

The bottom line with Jonathan is that he actually cares about his students, which is a characteristic that is very hard to come by in the world of guitar instruction. He has worked hard to build his music knowledge up to where it is today, and continues to work this hard to create effective teaching methods for the individuals he teaches.

  Trevor Darmody (
Photo of Zack Uidl

Jonathan Vipond is a very gifted musician with something great to offer the industry.

He has great work ethic and is highly motivated to create the best, no matter what he is involved in. He has some great music with some very unique ideas that support the music and his band.

  Zack Uidl (,,
Photo of Mike Philippov

Jonathan Vipond is a great player, teacher and songwriter.

I've had the opportunity to work with him on several projects and he has always proved to be a team player and a positive influence on all that he is involved in. His playing is versatile and yet still strong enough in all the styles that he plays in to allow for higher degrees of expression and originality.

  Mike Philippov (
Photo of Greg X

Jon Vipond is an awesome guitar player and a great person to be around.

We had an opportunity to jam together and exchange some thoughts about teaching and guitar playing. Jon gave me a lot of valuable teaching tips and impressed me with his guitar technique and knowledge of music theory. He also reminded me that playing music is all about having fun. He is definitely one of the best and most experienced guitar teachers I ever met in my life so I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to learn how to play the guitar or make music.

  Greg X, Professional Guitar Instructor and Artist based in Wimbledon, London (
Photo of Antony Reynaert

Jonathan is one of those musicians who puts his professional image into everything he does.

Besides having experience in a huge range of musical ventures like touring with various bands, recording albums and composing music in a broad spectrum of musical styles he is also an established guitar teacher in the U.K.
It is a pleasure to work with Jonathan, as he always puts the effort in his music and everything he does to make it excell!

  Antony Reynaert (
Photo of Oscar Ortega

Motivating, Charismatic and ready to show you the door for outstanding guitar playing.

I've known Jonathan for several years and in that time frame, I noticed that he's an outstanding guy. I've never taken a lesson from him but his personality speaks volumes on how he is...I can only imagine how he is as a teacher!

  Oscar Ortega, Guitarist, Composer, Instructor and Session Musician
Photo of Tommaso Zillio

As a musician, Jonathan Vipond possesses a rare versatility ranging from the most extreme metal down to progressive rock and even jazz.

It is impressive how a single guitarist can dominate all these styles. As a teacher his ability of planning long-term didactic strategies is invaluable to guarantee a steady paced progress for the student. Moreover, the man is just a fountain of ideas. I had the pleasure of discussing with him on the topic of teaching many times, and every time I come away with new, interesting ideas. What more can I say? I am honoured to know him and to have him as a fellow player and teacher.

  Tommaso Zillio, professional guitarist and teacher (

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