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The Teacher - the Ultimate Musical Shortcut

By Jonathan Vipond

Everyone starts playing a musical instrument with the best of intentions.

Whatever the choice of instrument is, anyone who plays or has played a musical instrument at any point in their lives can remember what it is like getting started. After the initial honeymoon period with the instrument is over how long does the instrument actually stay an instrument instead of becoming another household decoration?

This drop in enthusiasm is often caused by a lack of motivation caused by slow, or sometimes no progress. Being able to play music is a wonderful part of life but the frustration of not being able to reach someone's goals can seriously dampen one's willingness to persevere.

This is where a teacher can help. A great teacher will help in so many ways to help in so many ways to make the journey as simple as possible. What a teacher will not do is guarantee results. After all you only get out what you put in. Imagine you are travelling somewhere unknown to you but you do not have any directions. Or perhaps you are cooking something but do not have a recipe?

Many people I know have decided to 'go it alone' on their instrument and true, some have done well, but how quicker could they have got to where they want to be as a musician if they had someone who could help them - someone who had done it already? Also, how many people would be more willing to stick at their instrument for longer if they had someone constantly guiding them, motivating them, correcting them, praising them, teaching them helpful aspects of music that they would have not have though of on their own, structuring their learning, providing new opportunities and acting as an example of what the correct path of learning can achieve?

Everyone starts playing with the best of intentions, but how many will turn those intentions into reality without the help of a teacher?

Jonathan Vipond

Copyright - Jonathan Vipond

Jonathan Vipond is a professional guitar instructor in West Yorkshire where he runs the Jonathan Vipond School of Guitar. With over 15 years of practical experience he has written and recorded albums and EPs, toured with several bands and has notched up hundreds of live shows to his name. Jonathan is currently studying with master musician, composer and teacher Tom Hess (

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