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How good do you feel about your playing at the moment?

Are you really able to play the way that you would like to and make the music in the way that you want to? Imagine being the guitar player and musician that you want to be. This is a realistic goal and I can help you to achieve this. Students of mine have found that with the correct learning methods and content delivered in the right way, they are on the fast track to becoming the guitar players they want to be. In addition they have found so many more opportunities for learning and development put forward their way because they are a student of mine. These include activities such as group jam sessions, band classes and student events designed to encourage and motivate them to become even better at what they love to do. Consequently, they stick with their instrument instead of giving up through the frustration of not moving forward and achieving their goals.

Photo of Ben Williamson

I am able to work through the barriers that before seemed impossible.

I have been playing for the best part of 8 years with slow and limited progress. I owned a library of guitar technique books but still was not getting where I wanted to be with my guitar playing. My aspirations now seem much more realistic having Jonathan helping me to get where I want.

  Ben Williamson, Keighley

Working with a teacher is the fastest, most effective and the most enjoyable way of progressing on your guitar to be the player you want to be. Here’s why:

1. Learning To Play The Right Things At The Right Time

The problem with learning from the internet or from friends is that you may be learning the right content but are you learning the information in the correct order? Imagine learning to run before you can walk. How far would you actually get? Learning with a great guitar teacher will help you to learn in the right way so that you waste no time and reach your goals much faster than with other methods.

2. See What You Are Learning Demonstrated For You In The Correct Way

Does learning from You Tube really show you how things are done? How do you know that the person sat in front of you actually knows what they are doing? In addition if you learn from a book or from an online course, how do you ask questions if you are not sure about something? With a great guitar teacher you can be sure that if you have a problem you can get it resolved so that you can focus on enjoying your progress rather than chasing your tail wondering what you should be doing.

3. Get Motivated!

One of the biggest advantages of taking lessons from a great guitar teacher is that each week you will be encouraged and inspired to pick up your guitar and play. Knowing that you have someone to support your development and learning is the greatest asset to taking guitar lessons. The expert feedback coupled with personalised support and guidance means that you simply cannot fail! Do other learning methods provide you with this?

4.Get Help With Your Practice

Guitar lessons alone don’t make you a better guitar player. It’s how you spend the 7 days between lessons that really counts. A great guitar teacher will help you to use your time wisely, helping you to come up with an effective and personalised practice strategy for maximum results in the shortest amount of time.

5. Be Around Others In the Same Situation

How often do you make music with others? Even if you do not want to be an international rock star, playing music with other people is beneficial to your playing, builds self-confidence and is simply great fun and very rewarding. A great teacher runs jam classes, workshops and other group events designed to boost your playing whilst having fun making music with others.

Photo of Alan Wallace

He has the ability to let me recognise and enjoy my progress whilst providing both the motivation and ideas to overcome my limitations and keep me moving forward.

At 59 years of age I decided to do something that I had wanted to do since the 1960's, learn to play the guitar. After 6 weeks of struggling I found Jonathan through the Internet and signed up with him for lessons. I don't see Jonathan just as a teacher but also as a I love to practice because I can see week on week that I am getting better.

  Alan Wallace, Whinmoor, Leeds
Photo of Anne Howker

After 3 months I feel that I have improved more than in the previous 18 months with another teacher.

I had taken guitar lessons before, and given up, but then I decided to give it another go with another teacher, so I got in touch with Jonathan. I really appreciate the fact that the lessons are made to help us learn how to play the style of music that we like. The lessons are good fun, everything is well explained with patience and lots of detail, and we leave with plenty of things to practise at home.

  Anne Howker, Bradford
Photo of Corin Zero

Jonathan is an extremely patient and likeable guy who managed to get straight to the heart of my playing issues making a huge difference to my soloing technique.

  Corin Zero, Zeitgeist Zero

Here's What You'll Get With Me:

  • A personalised learning plan built around what you need to help you get the most out of your playing in the long run.
  • FREE access to my students area where you will find helpful online resources to help you in your playing, learning and development .
  • FREE access to student events such as workshops, seminars, master classes and concerts.
  • FREE access to my student's forum where you can connect with likeminded musicians and students and get your guitar playing questions answered.
  • FREE access to my exclusive monthly guitar clinic events where you can meet fellow students, get your specific questions answered and learn from others in the same situation.
  • The enjoyment of becoming the guitar player you want to be in the least amount of time with the most amount of enjoyment!
Photo of Richard Greenwood

I have gone from knowing a few basic chords to recording near a full track in months, brilliant!

I started to learn guitar out of a book but after a few weeks I realised that I needed some proffesional help and contacted Jonathan. The way Jonathan teaches is with lots of patience and you learn what you need to progress. He has been an inspiration to myself.

  Richard Greenwood, Bradford
Photo of Alexander Teckkam

Jonathan Vipond is a brilliant, results-orientated guitar teacher and a talented musician.

Having taken private lessons with Jonathon has changed my life and inspired me to become the best guitar player that I can be. I used to teach myself guitar but having seen the dramatic improvement in my guitar playing since my private lessons started, I have not looked back. An inspiration to all guitar teachers.

  Alexander Teckkam, Leeds

I only want to work with the most dedicated students. So, if you feel that you are ready for lessons and are ready to invest the time to make yourself a better guitar player and musician then please get in touch. I look forward to hearing from you!

First I need to know more about your current situation, what you can and would like to be able to do. To begin, answer the question below and you will be taken to the next page. Alternatively you can contact me directly.

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