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Jam sessions are a great way of meeting other likeminded musicians. Many pubs and other venues run these regularly and people turn up and in general have a lot of fun at them. The only problems with these is that they are not always aimed at the level that some players are at. Some may find the songs too hard whether some may find them too easy, both of which can cause a lot of frustration. In addition, if you don't know the songs being played then people struggle to enjoy themselves.

With my Jam sessions things are different.

I personally prepare lesson materials for the class including handouts and backing tracks. In addition, because you are in a jam session with me I can taylor the material to suit your level, making it as hard or as easy as you want it to be. If you are studying with another tutor then we can tailor the materials used to fit around what you are learning with them, giving you experience of using what you are learning in real life situations.

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If you aren't in a band or don't get the opportunity to play your guitar with other players regularly, like I also struggle with, Jonathan's jam classes give a brilliant opportunity to get together and have a jam!

I have found the sessions to be fun, useful, as you get to put into practice what Jonathan has been teaching you (and he'll help by setting you some examples relevant to what he has been teaching you) and its great for your confidence and motivation, playing with other students and picking up new ideas along the way in both lead and rhythm guitar - And the bonus is you get to learn some great songs to play for others or yourself!

  James Padgett, Leeds

In addition the sessions are run in a very organised way with no egos, no audience and no complications. These are also an ideal way of improving your skills by stepping outside your comfort zone and having the opportunity to apply the things you are learning to making music in the real world.

The jam class has fulfilled all my expectations. The classes are well organised and relaxed and fun.

I started going to Jonathan's jam class to play guitar with other people and to improve my confidence of playing guitar with other people. I hoped to play some great songs and have the choice to play either an easier version of the song or a more difficult version of the song. The jam class has fulfilled all my expectations. The classes are well organised and relaxed and fun. Good quality backing tracks are provided with chord charts and everybody gets a chance to play rhythm or lead guitar. It's a great way to step outside of your comfort zone and improve your guitar playing skills. For me its been great to play guitar with other people and great for my confidence as well as learning some great songs. I'd certainly recommend Jonathan's jam class as its good fun, good for confidence, it will improve your guitar playing and you feel like you are in an actual band!

  Dave Ratcliffe, Bradford

So, if you feel that you need to make real music but are unsatisfied with the people who you can make music with this class if for you. Start by answering the following question:

What level do you consider your playing to be at?

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